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Fine Art

Morgan Mccarver

“The tiles transcend historical and contemporary art and craft traditions. By replacing the lace, these tiles provide protection to the wearer, symbolizing the hardships of this era, especially for a woman, but are also heavy; beautification can be burdensome.”

- Senior Ceramics Major with Art History & Business Minors

The Dress (Lifesize, 6x6x5 feet. Fabric, & multimedia)

Armor (Lifesize, 14x11x5 feet. Earthenware ceramic tiles, metal mesh wire, cord, acrylic, rub’n’buff, cotton, polyester, elastic, 3D printed PLA fixtures)

Porcelain Warrioress (Lifesize, 8x8x4.5 feet. Porcelain, Metal, 3D printed PLA buttons, Glowforge laser-burned wood, plastic boning, Fabric)

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Caleb Newton

“Through seeing the work of painting masters and my own observations of nature, something that stood out to me was the interaction between objects on the ground plane with the clouds and sky above them, and this became a focus in my own work.”

- Junior, Painting and Drawing Major

Barn and House (Digital Painting)


Orange Clouds

Warm Landscape

Wide Farm

Wide Farm 2

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John robert Register

“Vacancy is a series exploring the faux sense of protection perceived in light. In the night, light seems a place of refuge, a beacon in the dark. Instead it reveals rather than protects, an offering to the night.”

- Sophomore Graphic Design Major, double minor in Art History and Business

Clair de Lune (Digital Photograph)

Convenience Stop

End of the Line

Less is More

Ray's Diner

Sams Curbside Market

Through the Oculus

The Shady Grove Incident

View from a Pastry Shop

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Grace poulton

“In an attempt to soak up as much learning about painting figural forms and skin tones as I could, I challenged myself to paint as many portraits as humanly possible before the final critique.”

- Junior Painting and Drawing Major

Eli (Oil on canvas)



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Matthew Everett

“Growing as a sculpture artist one of my main goals is the activation space in ways that are compelling and enticing. With the addition of branches into my work the activation of space has already been established by its growth”

- Senior Ceramics major

New Traditions

Untitled (Ceramic and Reed)

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Blair Bellaire

“None of these photos capture the subject fully, this [Italy] trip was made up of fragments of moments that have become a pilgrimage of the apostles that I could have never of expected.”

- Senior Graphic Design major, Art History minor

Leone // Agnello (Digital Photography)

On This Rock

Open Arms


Alza Gli Occhi

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Haylee Horn

“Most of my work revolves around combining natural elements and handmade objects, such as crocheted doilies. The combination of the two is visually evident in some pieces, and it is only evident in the actual production process of others.”

- Senior Ceramics major, Business minor

Vase Trio (Earthenware)

Opposing Forces (Thrown Stoneware)

Thrown Bowl (Thrown Stoneware)

Copper Vase (Raku Stoneware)

Cup and Saucer Trio (Stoneware)

Doilied Plate (Earthenware)

Frosted Duo (Raku Stoneware)

Planter Duo (Thrown Stoneware)

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Caleb Flachman

“…a common theme of disaffection began to show through the subject matter. Many times, what grabbed my attention about something was it’s potential to communicate a journey through loneliness, frustration, grief, or isolation.”

-Senior Communications Major, Creative Writing & Art Minor

Disaffection ( color, digital photography 2-11)

Untitled (black and white photography)

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Alli Kennedy

“During my time in the Katanga Slum in Uganda, I was able to befriend a few of the natives and spend time with them. The girl featured in this picture didn’t speak English, but she introduced me to all of her friends and family and walked with me throughout the day. She was quiet but very kind to our group and I wanted to capture her quiet joy and kindness through bright eyes and her smile.”

-Junior Communications Major, Writing & Marketing Minor

Smile (digital photography)

Contrast (digital photography)

Puzzle (digital photography)

Ramadan (digital photography)