Ivy Leaves is the ultimate annual showcase for Anderson University writers and artists. Through this publication, students and alumni have for one hundred years shared their best work with the AU community and, increasingly, audiences beyond. Ivy Leaves standards are high. We look for fresh language, voices, and images; we look for work that surprises and challenges; we look for work that speaks to our shared humanity and reminds us that good work is the product of hard work. Hard work, as reflected in these pages, is generated by passion and commitment and hope. As Flannery O’Connor says, “People without hope not only don’t write novels, they don’t read them.” In this journal, every word, every perfect angle, and every splash of unexpected color attests to our hope. In words and in images, in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drawing, photography, and painting, this journal serves not only as an outlet for creative and talented minds, but as a demonstration of the myriad ways we can see the world and be amazed.


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